The fully qualified specialist technicians at DTA Tuning will unlock your engine’s maximum performance and fine-tune your car. We want you to achieve the best possible performance from your engine. We also have the right tools and expertise to improve your fuel consumption and help you get more miles for your money. Call us today on 01322 948639 or email to discuss how we can help you fine-tune your engine. 
The maps we offer achieve the maximum levels of performance & efficiency, without compromising on reliability. We have invested thousands into our equipment, software & file development to give you the best value for your money. 
DTA Tuning are truly independent and, over the years, have successfully re-flashed hundreds of vehicles. We are able to map many kinds of vehicles (both diesel and petrol). What’s more, we have the specialist equipment to perform an engine ECU remap on a vast variety of vehicles, from cars and trucks to motorhomes and vans. We provide effective, reliable and proven software to get the best performance from your car (for economy, performance or full-performance vehicles). The modifications we offer achieve maximum levels of performance and efficiency, without compromising on reliability. We have invested thousands into our equipment, software and file development to offer our customers the best possible service. 


We are fully insured so our customers can have confidence in us during and after the ECU remapping procedure. This is purely for our customers’ protection and peace of mind. 


We have a fully comprehensive backup procedure in place for every vehicle and remap we work on. DTA Tuning not only has a full backup facility in-house, but also backs up to external networks to ensure no data is lost. Thanks to secure backups and factory software, we have the ability to restore your vehicle back to factory or stock settings/parameters. 


With specialist degree level software technicians on-hand, we’re able to provide full support if any issues are encountered. 


We can retrace and find faults where others can’t. With many channels of communication between the car and the ECU, we’re able to clone and analyse data in real-time therefore seeing exactly where the issue is. 


Why should I fine tune my car? 

The most common aim of carrying out engine chip-tuning is to increase the horsepower that your engine puts out. However, the chip can be remapped to alter the fuel, ignition timing and air intake of an engine, which in turn will allow you to achieve higher horsepower and faster speeds. 
Many modern vehicles are down-badged which means the manufacturers use the same engine and ancillaries across the board to support production costs. For example, a particular model of vehicle that leaves the factory might have three or four different horsepower options. The only difference in the running gear is the ECU software. 

What is ECU Remapping? 

Remapping is the process of altering your car engine’s computer, known as an engine control unit (ECU). We download the original software and make a copy. We then adjust different elements to reach the maximum performance from your engine, an enhanced performance and/or a better fuel economy. It is a safe process designed to fine-tune the engine, allowing it to perform as it should while also reducing fuel consumption. 

Why does my car need this? 

Manufacturers of vehicles tone down the power output of vehicles from the factory. Factory settings on a vehicle cater for a wide audience across multiple countries and with various different grades of fuel. All vehicle makes and models can be professionally remapped to release their full potential and we do this by using intricate and specialist equipment. If you’re looking to unleash your vehicle's power and gain better fuel consumption, we’re here to help. 

Can you do Motorway Maps? 

Of course. Our selection of economy remaps for both cars and vans which specifically designed to not only provide less pit stops, but also save you money. This is a fantastic option for fleet vehicles and motorway commuters alike. 


We provide a true ‘remap’ file that’s unique to your vehicle. No parts are added or removed from your vehicle (unless you want them to be!) – we simply optimise the parameters of the ECU. 
All our maps are individually developed for every single vehicle. We don’t believe in a ‘one map fits all’ solution. 
Our backup system means we can reinstate an original factory map if this is ever required. 
We are insured – most companies offering this service are not insured and they could be using counterfeit hardware or badly written software. Our customers can have confidence in us (during and after the ECU remapping procedures) for their added protection and peace of mind. 


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